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Surrounded by history and sea, Nessebar is one of the most antient towns in Europe. Over the years the sea waves have taken nearly 1/3 of the towns territory and today remains of fortress walls can be found 90 meters into the sea. Thanks to the abundance of well-preserved historical monuments, Nessebar is included in the UNESCO world heritage list. The buildings in the town are from different eras and the oldest of them are more than 1500 years old.

Saint Vlas

Saint Vlas is a town located in a quiet and peaceful bay in the south coast of the Black Sea and is glued between the last heights of the mountain before it disappears in the close by cape Emine. The unique placement of the city, which combines the fresh mountain air with the warm sea breeze makes it a loved vacation place for every generation.


Burgas is known as one of the most loved towns in Bulgaria, a scenery of beautiful views, located 36km away from Sunny Beach and 380km away from the capitol of Bulgaria- Sofia. The city lies underneath one of the most lively migratory roads of the birds in Europe “Via Pontica”, which makes the sky above a mesmerizing view for the eyes. More than 200 000 white storks fly above the city only in one migratory season. Aside from the lively flights above the town, in Burgas is also situated the biggest outdoor “SPA Center”. The pools with healing mud and lye can be found in the south part of the lake near the city- “Atanasovskoto ezero” , and thanks to them you may often find people covered in black healing mud from head to toe walking around the city.

Sea Garden

The sea garden of Burgas reveals a unique view of the Old Beach and the famous bridge of Burgas, which goes 300 meters into the Black Sea. Thanks to the efforts of a young and ambitious gardener named Georgi Duhtev, today the Sea Garden has hundreds of species of plants, some of which have traveled thousands of kilometers to be there, and the oldest part of the garden has been declared a park monument art. Here everyone can find something for themselves - cozy gazebos, benches with a view of the calm sea, singing fountains, freshly prepared seafood as well as music from the various events in the Summer Theater.

Mall Galleria Burgas

Mall Galeria is the first of its kind in the city and is also the first green shopping center in Bulgaria that is certified according to the American sustainability system LEED. Located on 35,000 sq.m. area, the mall welcomes shopping lovers from Monday to Sunday between 10:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m., offering them numerous shopping and entertainment outlets.