Entertainment nearby

ATV or Buggy Adventure

An adventure for all the offroad lovers! Feel the thrill from riding a 4x4 ATV or Buggy on one of the oldest mountains in Bulgaria and enjoy the spectacular views around you. The tours are guided from professionals and are fully compliant with the age and capabilities of the visitors. You can find the 4x4 tours within 15 minutes from the hotel.

Sand sculptures festival in Burgas

Compositions from 5600 tons of waterproofed sand take various forms every year since 2008. The festival is located in the north part of the Sea Garden in Burgas, taking more than 5000 m2 of place and welcomes a lot of families and their kids who want to admire the creativity of the Bulgarian and world known creators that make the sand come to life and take many different curious forms of well-known characters, castles, towers, sea creatures and many other.

Picnic on a yacht

Enjoy a wonderful day beneath the sunlight, sailing across the salted waters of the Black Sea with friends or family. During the travel you can enjoy the endless sea views and if you are lucky the kids may see even the dolphins. The yacht takes breaks for fishing and swimming along the way and at the end of the trip you arrive on a cozy and beautiful coast where you can enjoy a peaceful lunch with your favorite people.

Scuba diving

Discover the beauty of the Black Sea from within with this unforgettable underwater adventure. The beginners can dive to up to 6 meters dept and the professionals onsite will train you and secure your safety in every moment. During the dive you can enjoy the great underwater views, you will see a lot of distinctive fish like small local fish, colorful jellyfish and the Black Sea sharks (they are very small, don’t worry). All the needed equipment will be provided for you onsite.

Khans’ tent

North of the Sunny Beach resort, high above the sea there is a place offering you a lot of fun and culinary pleasures. With its’ architecture resembling the tents of the Bulgarian khans, restaurant “Khans’ tent” overtakes its’ customers with its’ diverse show program and its’ fascinating views. A great view of the nearby resorts and villages unveils from the restaurants’ terrace. The special show program is in a variety type and consist of acrobatic elements, tricks and dance and afterwards the stage opens for dancing where the party is always guarantied.