The destination


One of the oldest European countries and the only one that has never changed her name, Bulgaria attracts people from around the world with it’s scenic views, numerous cultural and historical monuments and its’ breathtaking sea views. The Black Sea is one of the biggest internal seas in the world. It’s known for the mystery that it brings around its’ name. The seacoast of Bulgaria welcomes thousands of tourists every year with its’ wide varieties of fun places and different tourist attractions.

Sunny Beach

Known as the “Bulgarian Las Vegas”, Sunny Beach is the biggest Bulgarian resort and offers it’s visitors a whole palette of fun places and attractions. Sunny Beach is one of the rare places on the Black Sea coast where the famous sand dunes where grow more than 15 different kind of plants can be found. A little known fact is that the air in the resort has healing properties. The unique for the area air flows that form between the sea and the mountain, create the so called “Rose of winds”. This natural phenomenon creates a specific high ionization in the air that is known for its’ benefitial effects on the human nature.